Casualties, A Novel

“[A] gorgeous debut… Moving and full of heart.” –New York Times bestselling author Caroline LeavittCasualties - Version 3
As an executive for one of the most successful military defense contractors in the country, Ruth Nolan should have been thrilled that her troubled son, Robbie, chose to join the Marines. But she wasn’t. She was terrified.
So, when he returns home to San Diego after his second tour in Iraq, apparently unscathed, it feels like a chance to start over and make things right—until a scandal at work tears her away from their reunion. What happens next causes Ruth to flee east, away from her guilt and regret. The story follows Ruth’s journey as she tries to outrun her demons only to realize she must face them and confront the truth about her past, her choices, the war, and her son.
“Reminds us [that] not all battle scars start on the battlefield…[a] heartbreaking novel.” –David Abrams, author of Fobbit
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11 thoughts on “Casualties, A Novel

  1. Congratulations on the completion of your novel! I found your blog interesting and was especially touched by the story about Peter. I am looking forward to reading Casualties and future blog posts.

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  5. Wow! That is fantastic! Congratulations, Betsy! I’m so excited for you! I hope now you’ll work on that book about grandparents. I remember the bit you read at the conference was great.

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but the day before we were supposed to fly to San Diego, I came down with appendicitis. That night I was in the hospital having it removed. So we stayed home for Christmas. Big bummer for me! Especially since the surf was forecast to be fantastic that whole week. Anyway, we’ll be coming out in February, so maybe we’ll get to see each other then. Maybe we can go for a walk on the beach, as part of your 15 miles per week!


  6. Berkley! Outstanding. Congratulations on the grand slam! I hope the novel is well received and sells like snowblowers here in Erie, Pennsylvania. Peace and best, John

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  9. Hi, Elizabeth. I was reading my hometown Erie Times-News and, my goodness, came across a review of “Casualties.” The reviewer, Rae Padilla Francoeur, writes, “Elizabeth Marro’s affecting and beautiful first novel, ‘Casualties,’ does not shy away from shame, regret and self-loathing–the underside of parenting. She takes us places we don’t want to go, makes us look, makes us feel. Her characters’ journey becomes ours and, as a consequence, we exult in their hard-won reckonings.” Well done, sister! Hope you’re doing well and the writing continues to be fruitful. Peace, John (P.S. Looking forward to actually reading the book myself!)

    • Hi, John and thank you for letting me know! I have learned that Rae Padilla Francoeur’s reviews are syndicated so they appear all over the place. How wonderful that her review found you at home! I hope you do enjoy the read when you have time to take a look at Casualties. I would love to know your thoughts. Honestly.

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