Today’s Walk: Market Day in Ocean Beach

“An ordinary simple street is the mirror of the whole world!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Too many days, too few walks. Then came the chance to walk to the post office to mail a book to someone and there it was: the mirror of the world. Music. Color. The smells of empanadas, tamales, ribs, herbs, lavender cream. Tastes of honey, cheese, pastries. Sounds of laughter, sales pitches called out as the parade passes by with their shopping bags. I’d forgotten it was Wednesday when the weekly Farmer’s Market sets up on Newport Ave.

The ordinary is extraordinary in Ocean Beach.


























i’ve been walking regularly for over a year now, not every day and not always as far as I would like, but it is now part of me. I look for that moment each day when I can get outside, get my feet moving, let the thoughts in my head go for a while. Walking has become as important to my writing as sitting in the chair.



4 thoughts on “Today’s Walk: Market Day in Ocean Beach

  1. Betsy,
    I have a FB friend who recently suffered a brainstorm stroke. She is being called a miracle by all her doctors, as in it’s a miracle she’s still alive. Well she is alive and making incredible progress in her return to her “new” normal. Yesterday she posted that since she can’t get out and find the joy she always noticed when being surrounded by all Mother Nature’s gifts in her beloved Montana, she’d like her “friends” to be her eyes and ears.
    I went for my rekindled neighborhood walks with a desire to see things for Susan. The red of the cardinal hiding in a green bush, the way the light breeze felt on my cheek, the variety of birdsongs, the slender, strand of Spanish moss that appeared to be woven into a spider’s web, in a perfect “V” (for victory over the seemingly impossible?). Susan is kind of a moss freak, so I though I’d discovered something to tell her about. Turned out to be some kind of orange foam insulation holding the mailbox in place, not moss. But as I looked closer I saw this tiny little speck of what looked like the kocina shell column that held the mailbox was actually some kind of tiny bug. Either an ant or something similar carrying a piece of shell, or some kind of chameleon bug that blended in perfectly. It was amazing. All I had to record it was my pea-sized brain.

    Hope you are enjoying literary success. I loved Casualties.

    • Hi, Mary, I’ve been thinking about you. Reading this comment was pure pleasure as I imagine it was or will be for your friend in Montana. You brought the beauty and the surprise of the orange foam home in vibrant detail. I could see it. I wanted more. Beautiful!
      Glad you liked Casualties! That means a lot coming from a woman who understands the life of a military mom and spouse.

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