Today’s Walk: Everyday Magic

“The sun set, which is everyday magic…”
― Terry Pratchett

A long day inside and then one healing step after another along the cliffs into the end of it all. And then home.



IMG_20160127_171027786_HDR IMG_20160127_171045578



















I’ve been walking regularly for over a year now, not every day and not always as far as I would like, but it is now part of me. I look for that moment each day when I can get outside, get my feet moving, let the thoughts in my head go for a while. Walking has become as important to my writing as sitting in the chair.

Along the way, I usually find at least one thing that catches my eye or snags my attention and sometimes I just want to share it as I find it. No long essay. No attempt to make meaning other than what is right there. If the moment captured is not from the day I post, it means I have been casting back in my memory and photo records of my walks and unearthed a nugget I think you’ll like. I invite you to comment and share your own photos of “Todays Walk.” You can  post here or join me @EGMarro #todayswalk on Instagram, or on Twitter or Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Walk: Everyday Magic

  1. I like your project. I also like to walk. For a while, I’ve been listening to podcasts or books on tape. Then, yesterday, I didn’t want that extra noise, so I left my phone at home, put on my winter gear (I’m in Minnesota) and just walked, listening to the sounds of nature, and thinking.

    • I’m with you on the benefits of walking to the sounds of what’s around us. It’s a revelation, isn’t it? I can just hear the sound of your boots crunching through the snow and that muffled sound that comes sometimes with winter or used to when I lived back in New Hampshire. Glad to meet a fellow walker.

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